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No Pressure, No Selling – That’s Our Promise!

We will gently guide you through what needs to be done. Our straightforward offering is designed for those who “just want to be cremated” without any service or ceremony at the time death occurs. This basic package includes everything legally required for a direct cremation. Your loved one, friend, or family member will be returned to you in a resin plastic container suitable for burial in most municipality cemeteries. Please note, this is not an urn.

Urns, flag cases, urn vaults, mini keepsake urns, cremation jewelry, fingerprint charms, and custom memory glass orbs and pendants are available for purchase.

If you should choose to host a do-it-yourself celebration of life service on your own in a non-traditional setting, ask us about our life event center located in Fruitport, Michigan.

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Where should I start?

Cremation – “Seven Steps You Need to Know “

Most of us are familiar with the term “cremation”, however, odds are most of us have not had to make cremation arrangements. Understanding who legally can authorize the cremation, along with any possible veteran’s benefits or social security survivor benefits, let alone how to process insurance claims, is where major confusion often occurs.

We believe in transparency. Please consider bringing a family member, friend or advocate along.

If you haven’t downloaded the e-book 5-legal-requirements-before-cremation, now is the time. All too often, people think that the cremation itself takes place immediately once a body is brought into a cremation provider or funeral home’s care. This is a myth! To be clear, a body can NOT be cremated until numerous checks and balances take place and it all begins at the arrangement consultation.

Below are the seven items that must be addressed in a cremation arrangement conference.

  1. Address questions and concerns.
  2. Adhere to the Federal Trade Commission requirements.
  3. Share service options.
  4. Gather the required information and signatures for permits and certificates.
  5. Explain the cremation process.
  6. Set the expectation when the cremated remains will be returned.
  7. Discuss payment options.