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Phoenix Crematory was initially built, owned and operated by Brad Young. Brad was a retired State of Michigan police officer who was looking for a second career. With cremation becoming prevalent in our society, he wanted to continue to serve families in our community, but in a different way, so he built Western Michigan’s first cremation facility that had an area for families to both witness and be present during the cremation itself. Shortly after opening his facility, he met Jodi Clock, who agreed that the key to success, especially with cremation was complete transparency. Michigan funeral law, does not allow funeral homes in our state to own crematories, therefore all cremation providers were forced to outsource their cremations to a third party. Jodi Clock’s son Brett Wright had just graduated from college and wanted to join his step-father’s business Clock Funeral Home. Together, they realized that the future of funeral service was moving rapidly towards cremation. For this reason, Brett and Jodi chose to partner with Brad Young and eventually buy Phoenix Crematory Services. The care team at Phoenix also have had the honor or working closely with both Muskegon and Ottawa County’s medical examiner for many years.