Immediate Need

Phoenix Crematory Service offers direct cremation services for those seeking a low-cost and convenient option for their loved one. Our immediate-need cremation services are a fraction of the price that a funeral home would charge for similar services.

Direct Cremation

Our sole purpose is to guide you through the steps necessary to cremate your loved one, friend, or family member. We can’t begin to imagine what you’re going through. We are not here to tell you how to feel, grieve, or impart any words of wisdom. If you decide you would like our direct cremation service, we are here to support and serve. We truly appreciate you entrusting us to guide you through this difficult time. You can speak to one of our care team members by calling 231-733-5200.

What to do if someone has died at home and NOT in hospice care

If a family member or friend has passed away, contact your local police or fire department immediately. They will provide the correct instructions on how to go about the situation. If asked about a cremation provider, please give them our name (Phoenix) and phone number: 231-733-5200.

What to do if someone has died in hospice care, at a hospital, nursing home, or care facility

Upon being contacted about the death of your loved one, friend or family member please give them our name (Phoenix) and phone number, 231-733-5200.

Scheduling immediate-need arrangements

To schedule an immediate-need cremation service, you can give us a call (24 hours a day at 231-733-5200). At Phoenix Crematory Service, our caring staff will guide you throughout the entire process.

Thank you for entrusting. Please know that we are available for you and your entire family. Contact us to learn more about our affordable cremation service today.